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Dr. Joby Peter, MDS


Dr. Binu T Abraham,


Dr. Monica Sharma,


Dr Joby Peter along with Dr Binu and Dr Monika has together bought about a revolution in the Myo-functional Therapy avenue in last 10 plus years…… It truly explains the power of interdisciplinary dentistry. When to refer and how to refer is being taught in a new dimension.


Prof Dr. George Paul

MDS, DNB, LLB dip. Medical Law

Dr. Inder Kumar Pandit


Principal and Director, D.A.V ( C ) Dental College and Hospital Yamuna Nagar

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Pushparajan P Pillai


Dr. Shine Shukoor Rasheed

Consultant Pulmonologist
Midtown Medical Centre

Dr. John Thomas K.

BDS, MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)

Former Associate Prof:Yenepoya Dental College & Hospital,Mangalore.
Currently working as Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon,Jaber Al Ahmad Dental Speciality Centre,Ministry of Health (MOH), Kuwait.

Dr. Raghavendra M Shetty


Asst. Professor & Specialist (Pediatric Dentistry) College of Dentistry, Ajman University

What Students Say


Online Dentistry has been a game changer. I Came to know about it through Facebook. I enrolled both for the fixed orthodontic course and the myo-functional course. Both the courses were very practice oriented and have added a new dimension to my practice

Dr Ashwin Rao – Pediatric Dentist

I realized the this is the best teaching one can get in this ever challenging domain. 36 hours of Intense Training not only makes your concept clear but also makes you very confident to plan your cases independently. Its a must do Course not only for young graduates but also but also for for those inclined to unlearn and relearn. Highly recommended and Life Changing.

Dr Sanchit – Pediatric Dentist

Thanks to Online Dentistry, I could sit in Delhi and learn about lasers!

Well executed one-day program.

Really appreciate the patience of Dr. Saravanakumar in answering everybody’s questions elaborately.

Dr Bhavinder Kaur Shiva – Orthodontist

Most respected Binu and Joby Sir, I’m enlightened very much because of you. My special thanks to Dr. Saravanakumar Sir, for his wonderful lively lecture on ”All about LASER’’ with a step-by-step explanation and for his follow-up answers. I’m always proud to say that I’m also a member of the online dentistry family

Dr. Yogananth R

An Amazing One day webinar on LASERs in Dentistry covering the topics Step by Step, in a simplified manner. I highly recommend Dr. Saravanakumar Sir’s Class to all those who want to change the way they practice with LASERSs in Dentistry

Dr. Nikitha Vadra

I highly recommend all the courses conducted by online dentistry as very much at par with international standards of practicing dentistry for all the keen and budding dental practitioners who have a passion for genuinely helping their patients with holistic and comprehensive dental treatments.
I wish to congratulate Dr. Binu and Dr. Joby for their passion for teaching and selfless approach to sharing their wealth of knowledge for uplifting the quality of dental education in India. All the very best and keep up the amazing work.

Dr. Kamna Jain , Australia

I already had bought a LASER Machine, but this is the first time I have understood the vast possibilities of LASERs in the field of Dentistry, My sincere Gratitude to Dr. Saravanakumar.

Dr. Raveen Jadeja

Dear Sir, Thank you and all my dear mentors of Online dentistry for your selfless service and dedication in promoting valuable, knowledgeable dental education across the minds of dentists and in the field of dentistry all over the world sir. Yesterday even met with a case where a patient 22-year-old mouth breather had been neglected of orthodontic correction when he visited at the age of 9 in some clinic and has been said to start ortho after 13… Now he has got a gummy smile, a v-shaped upper arch, snoring, hyperactive mentalis, and feeling less confident in speaking with others…At the strike, remembered, you and Joby sir for insisting on the fact of early orthodontics… And the term “Supervised neglect ” came to mind… Wish all the dentists get great and valuable dental education from you so that there won’t be any mishaps in the future under our supervision itself so that we all could impart dedicated dental treatment to all the patients coming with the trust of us.

Thank you

Dr. Monisha. K, Dentist, Chennai