Advanced Holistic Caries Management


TIME: 11:00 AM – 5:00PM, IST

COST: Rs 3,450/-

DURATION: 6 hours


  • Do you know? 200 crore people are affected by dental caries
  • Identification of White spot lesion and its management
  • Mulberry like 6-year molar and its risk
  • Caries infiltration techniques and its live video demo
  • Sandwich techniques and its applications
  • Box and slot preparation for Minimal invasive dentistry
  • Remineralization technology and its role in caries prevention
  • Fluoride and its role
  • Preventive resin restorations (PRR)
  • Ecological mode of caries management
  • Probe or explorer are they obsolete for caries diagnosis
  • Radiographic classification of dental caries for clinical practice made easy
  • Carisolve
  • Enamel biopsy
  • Sealant therapy
  • SDF applications
  • Tunnel presentation
  • Sandwich technique
  • Smart burs and its use
  • Usage of Intra Oral Cameras And Loupes and much more….

All participating candidates are eligible for certificate of participation.