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Objective of the course

To provide the qualified dentist with a basic foundation in orthodontics. The programme provides an excellent background for advanced education and a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations in clinical orthodontic practice to the professionals. This course is especially directed to private practitioners and postgraduates who are interested to start orthodontic practice in their clinics and wishes a thorough background in the subject. This is an eye opener for beginners to differentiate b/w simple and complicated orthodontic cases.

Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to provide state-of-the-art information on orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and therapy. The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part on typodonts, which provides an outstanding background for contemporary clinical orthodontics.The education consists of lectures on a wide range of topics, exercises related to treatment planning and cephalometrics and different types of typodont courses, including basic edgewise technique and straight wire technique etc. Candidates will be posted in clinics and will be allotted cases to enhance your clinical skill in orthodontics.

 Conditions of Admission

Admission to the programme requires a dental degree from a recognized institution and a registered dentist    under respective DCI (Dental Council of India) for Indian students or an authorized body in their respective country for foreign students. Candidates should have the license for independent work as a dentist and minimum one years of clinical experience as a general practitioner or post graduate student with a minimum of six month full-time experience or with a post graduate degree in any field of dentistry. Admission to the programme is limited to 5 dentists per batch, who are selected upon evaluation of their qualifications. The duration of the course is six month split into three modules of two day per month.

Course description

This six month online and residential orthodontics program trains dentists to perform a high standard of work across a wide range of orthodontic procedures. On completion of this orthodontic training program, the dentists will received the Orthodontic Training ParticipationCertificate issued by Online Dentistry.

The students from all around the world could have an opportunity to learn comprehensive orthodontic treatment using their patients in their own office. After the first module students will get the confidence to take up a case in their own clinic. They can post online the records as taught during the training. This gives the unique opportunity to learn while practicing.  All instructors are qualified and experienced orthoodontists. It is beneficial for any dentist routinely treating kids and adult patients who need orthodontic care, and will also appeal to practitioners who seek to develop their skills, learn new techniques and enhance their enjoyment of orthodontics. The student will diagnose, treatment plan and treat patients in their existing practice and give formal case discussions to the faculty supervisors for review and critique.

Each academic year is spilt into two sessions of six month duration commencing from February - June and July – January of every year.The first residential module will be of three days and rest will be of two days every alternate month.

Once the candidate finishes the first module of hands on, your online module viaa what’s app group called online dentistry ortho will begin.When a new case come to your clinic you can post the cases according to the norms set by us during the hands on. We will have discussion from all other members and the final diagnosis will be given by our faculty. In this way you can slowly start and finish the cases. You also can up load photos in different stages of treatments and get the opinion of the faulty. If any trouble shoots come you can rectify then and there. In this way you will get exposed to other cases also on a daily basis.

For, eg first sent the patient complaint, pictures, opg, ceph analysis, model analysis. You will be given the diagnosis and treatment plan. Secondly, you can start bracketing, then and there sent the pictured to the group we will see any mistake in the bracketing. Next when the patient come sent the pictures you will clearly see any bracketing errors if any. Change the wire and then carry on to the next stage. This is the unique feature of online dentistry courses. You have online support any time you want.  

All the registered candidates will have a life time support by faculties of online dentistry via online (e-mail/fb/what’s app). If a candidate is interested to join, you can talk to the faculties and you can discuss what you want from this course.Refer upcoming batch for the next scheduled long-term SW Orthodontic course

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1,30,000 INR




125,000 INR



Home Study Club

Online dentistry

Kerala dental & orthodontic center

Aluva, Ernakulam District, Kerala, INDIA

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Package A: This includes starter kit/working lunch/ snacks for three days.

This KIT includes


1       2 straight wire bracket kits
3.      5 orthodontic instruments (KODEN; one year replacement warranty
5.      e-modules-(100nos, TEN STRIPS)
6.      Separator elastics-100 Nos
7.      Orthodontic photography kit -ONE


Package B: Excluding starter kit and a working lunch/snacks will be provided.
Candidate who need accommodation have to inform prior so that the necessary arrangements can be made according to your budget.

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