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These days of changing trends in dentistry we need to update ourselves to keep in pace with the patients need. Every parent has a great concern for their child’s esthetic appearance. More over today’s generation are more beauty conscious and wants the teeth and their smile to be the best. This put enormous pressure on our general dental practice, as both the parents and patient demand a treatment for the condition. This brings us to the point that we need to be equipped with the new trends in pediatric and orthodontic science. Early orthodontic therapy is becoming very popular all over the world. Thus we would like to give you an insight about the various treatment procedures that can be undertaken from primary dentition, mixed dentition to permanent dentition. This includes, various habits and its correction, space maintenance, non-skeletal crossbite correction, growth modification procedure (myofunctional therapy: trainer system/twin block). Well said friends, but now we stand in the dilemma of how to make the parents and child accept your treatment? We will be having a short session of practice management in private dental practice at the end.


Objectives of the course

To provide the qualified dentist with a basic foundation in early age orthodontics. In contrast to many 2 or 3 days courses aiming at one particular topic, this course provides a broad insight into both the theoretical and the clinical aspects of preventive, interceptive, corrective orthodontics with application of myofunctional orthodontics. The programme provides an excellent background for advanced education and a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations in clinical orthodontic practice to the professionals.

This course is especially directed to private practitioners and postgraduates who are interested to address the patient need and demand in early orthodontic practice and wishes a thorough background in the subject.


Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to provide state-of-the-art information on early age orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and therapy. The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part on typodonts, which provides an outstanding background for contemporary clinical orthodontics.

The education consists of lectures on a wide range of topics, exercises related to treatment planning and cephalometrics and different types of typodont courses, including basic straight wire technique etc.

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Admission to the programme requires a dental degree from a recognized institution and a registered dentist    under respective DCI (Dental Council of India) for Indian students or an authorized body in their respective country for foreign students. Candidates should have the license for independent work as a dentist and minimum one years of clinical experience as a general practitioner or post graduate student with a minimum of six month full-time experience or with a post graduate degree in any field of dentistry. The number of positions available is limited to 10. The small number of participants allows to optimize the teaching activities and the adaptation of the course to the participants' specific needs.

To make the teaching more efficient it is essential that the students will receive 20 days electronic (via e-mail) modules on daily basis regarding various early age-interceptive -myofunctional orthodontic topics. It will be very easy for the students if they go through the modules daily and then attend the course. No need to take any print outs as these modules will be in a booklet format at the end of the hands-on course. This will be a good reference guide for you in future. All the candidates will receive online dentistry’s certificate at the valedictory function.


All the candidates will be enrolled to a whats app group where they can post a case and discuss with the faculty. Life time support for your trouble shoot will be there via whats app and mail.

Short description of the course

1.Introduction and purpose of early age orthodontics
2.Evolution of myofunctional and early age orthodontics
3.Functional Analysis
4.Significance of Archial Analysis (modified Sassouni’s Plus with bottom line archial analysis)
5.Mixed dentition model Analysis.
6.Case discussions with complete analysis and come to a treatment plan (will do 15 varieties of cases
7.CVMI: determination of growth potential for a child and direct myofunctional treatment planning
8.Introduction to twin block, diagnosis, fabrication, bite registration, trimming, stages of treatment for twin block, patient management, activation and completing a case.
9.Introduction to Straight wire/ Bracketing/Banding/ Wires/ 2x2/2x4/2x6 set ups and wire placement by all on thyphodonts
10.Crowding Management with various modalities of treatment protocol.
11.Functional regulator: identification, diagnosis and treatment planning for FR
12.Early Management of Class 2 div 1&2
13.Early Management of Class 3.
14.Identification/diagnosis/treatment planning of Habit
15.Management of Posterior Crossbite
16.Utility Arch and its applications and hands on to fabricate
17.Identification/diagnosis/treatment planning of Orthopedic Movements with Hands-on on phantom head(use of protraction head gear/reverse head gear/face mask/chin cap)
18.Identification/diagnosis/treatment planning of Open Bite/Cross Bite
19.  Identification/diagnosis/treatment planning for RME/SME
20.  Newer trends in early age orthodontics: myobrace/trainer system/orthotropics

Certificates will be given at the end of hands-on.


Note: candidates need not bring any materials to the hands on. All the required materials will be given and need to be submitted back after the course


Course fee



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30,000 INR for Indian students

500 US dollar for foreign students

35,000 INR for Indian students

700 US dollar for foreign students



50,000 INR for Indian students

1000 US dollar for foreign students

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Home center

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Kerala dental & orthodontic center

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Chidambaram, Tamil nadu, India

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Details of each package

Package A: All three days a working lunch/snacks will be provided.

Package B: Custom made batch: These are exclusive batches for candidate’s upto 5 who wish to come as a separate group. The advantage of this is you will get patient exposures with working on patient who are at different stages of treatment (minimum 5 patients) will be allotted for you. A working lunch/snacks will be provided.


Candidate who need accommodation have to inform prior so that the necessary arrangements can be made according to your budget.


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